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On the trail of silver mist

A misty trail in Julian, California by J Rae Chipera

It was rainy season and I was on my monsoon solo trip just like every year. It’s been a decade, I try to explore new mountain trails in every monsoon.  This year was not an exception for it. I packed my bags and moved out. Bookings in the forest bungalow were already arranged. It’s always ‘go off the grid’ trip every year. I have switched off my cellphone on my way to the bungalow. Being in hills, the monsoon had turned it all cloudy and misty. It was enchanting.

The evening was already setting in by the time I reached the bungalow after a long walk from railway station. All rooms were booked this year. I checked in my room. In the courtyard, a caretaker was already preparing campfire and soon everyone gathered around it. The food was cooked and arranged in a rustic way. It was a chilling cloudy day. Though it was not raining, the forest around was full of dampness. Some of the residents have brought their guitar and djembe. Soon beat started and everyone joined in with the tune and had an amazing time. After a couple of hours of music, we called it a day and head back to the room.

I have been early riser since my childhood. I was out of my bed around 6. I got ready and was out in the forest for my morning hike. I picked the trail and started climbing it up. The forest around was covered in fog. It was difficult to watch the trail beyond 10-15 feet. The trail started to take swirls, and around the turn, I thought I spotted fellow hiker. I increased my pace. It would have been great to have a company.  As I took the turn, I saw a young girl, hiking up the trail. I recognized her, she was one of German girl staying in the bungalow. I tried calling her but the waterfall near us was muffling my calls.

I was following her like a rat behind the piper as she kept on walking on the trail. Her blond hair waves in the air. Her white skin glows in the mist. Her footsteps traced in the silver glow over the dirt of the trail. I was walking exactly on them. I entered in the sparkling silver forest. Along the trail, there were gorgeous human statues. Quite a few of them. By the time I could realize, I was turned into one of them. She was on her way back to the bungalow…


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 5 challenge. “E for Enchanted”

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  1. You are scaring me from doing anything interesting!! No hiking, no drives and certainly no coffee breaks at unknown places :p

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