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Misters Kuru – Witty and light-hearted read for fun time

In 2010 the duo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman brought Sherlock Holmes to the 21st century and the whole world was awestruck with the results. But what if you bring in the very very old characters of Mahabharata to the land which once they ruled over? Not being reborn and remembering their past incarnations but just thrown in the reality of present day Delhi. Are you intrigued by this idea? Then you are at the right place guys. Misters Kuru: Return to the Mahabharata by Trisha Das is the perfect book for you. 

Draupadi, Kunti and Amba have been living in Delhi and are well settled in their Kalyug lives. And all of a sudden with a loud bang and a smoke balloon, here come all five of them. Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul and Sahdevh! Can you imagine the surprise on the faces of these three ladies? What are they doing here on earth leaving their heavenly pleasures behind? What will they do here? Wait, but first, are they just visiting or…?

Why should you read this?

I am sure you are also intrigued by these questions. I was, when I first heard about this book. Trisha took care of all of them when she told us this story. Trisha had made it such a page turner with a wry and witty humour spread throughout the book that you have to struggle to put it down if you have some other commitments. If you have some free time, then I can guarantee you a cover-to-cover read. 

Nothing other than the idea of all these heavenly guys trying their luck on modern-day Delhi was needed to convince me to read this one. Author did such a good job in storytelling that I don’t regret my decision at all. In-fact, I am hoping she continues this story in yet another book in the future and gives us an amazing series.

So, to know what they do while they are here? will they manage to live in modern day Delhi? And what happens to them when their visit comes to an end, just grab your copies and some munchings.

Misters Kuru: A Return to Mahabharata

My rating ★★★★✰ 

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Pages: 340

Published on: 22 April 2021

You can get your copy here.

About Author

Trisha Das is the author of The Mahabharata Re-imagined, The Art of the Television Interview and the internationally acclaimed How to Write a Documentary Script. She has written and directed over forty documentaries in her filmmaking career. Trisha has also won an Indian National Film Award (2005) and was UGA’s ‘International Artist of the year’ (2003).

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