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Let me go – A love story

Samar was trying to get the task done. He has been struggling with this particular task since last morning. He was about to lose his calm if he couldn’t crack this in the next half hour. This was a really unusual thing as he was popular for figuring out the quick solutions about the task which were stuck at a point. But was it really the hard-to-crack solution that was bothering him? Or was it something else? Was it what happened a day before with Sneha? Yeah, it was about her. But exactly what part of their conversation bothered him so much that he couldn’t focus on his work?

It’s been two years since Sneha and Samar started dating. Some six months before they hunted for a cosy little apartment and moved in together. It was not all lovey-dovey in these two years but they have managed to make it up to each other. They fought, even for the silliest reason but they also knew when to raise a flag for peace. They both have been working in the same company when they started dating. Within a couple of months, Sneha got a good deal at another MNC and she grabbed the opportunity. Samar strongly supported her in arriving at the decision to switch. They adjusted their life around the new change. Spending less time together was really tough. However, they got used to it.

A day before, Samar finished his work rather early and took Sneha’s favourite flowers just to make her happy after a busy day at her office. She just had started leading a new project. Just like every other new project, initial hick-ups which resulted in stress at the end of the day. So once at home, he tidied the rooms, nicely arranged the flowers in vases Sneha bought when they moved in together. He got up from the sofa and just when he got a message from Sneha “See you in 10, dear”. He knew nothing but strong hot coffee would make Sneha happy. As soon as she smells that aroma, her stress is, Puff!!!! Gone……

Exactly in 10 minutes the doorbell rang, Samar opened the door. They had set is as rule. “If another person is at home, one will not use the key to open the latch.” Seeing happy, smiling, bubbly Sneha at the door shocked him a bit. She had brought a box full of sweets. She came in, almost pushing Samar out of the way. Opened the box and fed him the sweet. She was surprised to see the flowers. It felt amazing when the aroma of brewing coffee hit her brain. Sneha refused to tell anything before they settled in with the coffee. Samar hurriedly poured their mugs and they settled in the sit out.

Sneha excitedly pulled the envelope out of her bag and put it in his hands. Samar opened it with excitement. It was a letter from her company. He was thrilled with excitement to know about the content of the letter. His face lit with joy as he read it. Her selection for on-site assignment for the new project got him excited. They decided to hit their favourite club to celebrate the offer in excitement.

It took a couple of hours for Samar to realise that this was going to be the long assignment. As they were returning from the club, the fact of a 5-6 month long on-site assignment was sinking in Samar’s head. He was quiet when they were getting back. Whenever he is upset, he goes into this introvertive cocoon. He almost stops talking. His replies shorten to one or two words. Sneha had sensed the reason behind his silence, but she chose not to push him. She knew he would take his time to get back.

Since then, Samar was struggling to accept and get himself ready for such a long period of staying away from her. He knew it was going to be the toughest patch in their relationship. He was not sure about how he was going to handle it. From yesterday morning, Samar was trying to figure out how to make these six months liveable. Sneha knew that he was not going to stop her from taking this assignment. Just when Samar was about to call it a day and head home, his phone beeped. He checked the notification. It was a video message from Sneha. With his finger tap, Sneha appeared on screen with a perfect puppy face, saying “Let me go, dear.” 

Samar had found his answer…

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57 thoughts on “Let me go – A love story

  1. “Let me go dear” is Sneha asking for her freedom, freedom to go on the assignment and freedom from a relationship that she finds claustrophobic.
    Very nicely crafted story.Simple and meaningful.

  2. The turning point in the story, is highlighted by Sneha’s video message, is really heartwarming. The use of a video message and her “perfect puppy face” added a visual and emotional element, making the moment more impactful.

  3. Lovely story of Samar and Sneha. Sometimes we aren’t sure how important we are to the other person and our feelings keep our mind on them the whole time. I would love the remainder of this story.

  4. I strongly believe distance does bring the best out of two in a relationship! I know living without them is tough, but it is necessary to keep the spark alive! Beautifully penned, very much relatable because of references of current times!

  5. The open-ended end could mean different things for different people reading it. It either means she wants to go away, she wants space, or she reassures her live-in partner everything’s just going to be fine. Samar is worried and for obvious reasons. Its a nice post that makes us sit back and think.

  6. And the last line just hit me hard. I can understand how it feels to be free and work n our dreams whenever we get a chance because we never know when will another opportunity come again. So, was the case of Sneha. This story will stay with me for the long time I believe.

  7. So a reluctant Samar is going to let Sneha go. Of course, it is not his call but the fact that Sneha feels it is important for him to agree to her going away seems to mean she cares for him and that she knows he is finding it tough to say yes because of his pain. Your narration is very good Aditya.

  8. Ah a bitter sweet moment…where you want your love to excel and spread her wings but also means distance between them…tough choice indeed for Samar. I hope their love survives the long distance, as I’m guessing Samar will happily accept Snehas wish to work on site.

  9. Samar’s internal conflict regarding Sneha’s on site assignment is well displayed especially in the fact that he had to go through sleepless nights trying to figure out a way of sending her away. Notably, personal setbacks have a way of influencing the same person’s focus on various areas and even work. The video note from Sneha at the culmination of their story gives it a different choice note, especially since this is a personal message. Samar and Sneha, hoping to strength and love for the difficult long distance period….. looking forward to next part!

  10. Often times, love also means making tough choices. This is one of those instances. Also, I sensed there’s more on the way. Good call by Sneha. Hope Samar takes it in the right way 🙂

  11. Age kya Hoga…. you left the first part of the story in such a stage that I start visualizing the life of Sneha abroad… success, opportunity and perhaps the posh lifestyle may create a difference between Smar and Sneha…. Love plot and great going looking for the next episode.

    1. This is the first time, I have tried a cliffhanger!!! Hope it all goes well as far as the writing is considered. Thanks for your kind words about the story. 🙂

  12. The story captures the intricacies of all love, especially between couples. There’s romance, longing, and inevitable separations. Let me go… too, sometimes. 👍

  13. Samar who love Sneha and introvert when he is in stress , very well crafted his struggle to let her go. Sneha’s puppy face came in front of my eyes. I can visualise each scene. Let me go for my freedom and space. What happened next wanted to know.

  14. Love this touching story. One gets to understand the intensity of their love for the other person when they face such tough situations, where the heart says right and the mind wants to go left. Sometimes, letting go is the best solution.

  15. The battle of a man with his doubts and fears of letting her love conquer her dreams is beautifully crafted in the story. I feel women are more resilient and make it easy for men to go for longer period. Today men are finding it difficult to convince themselves that it will all okay. A very honest potrayal of a man’s emotional struggle to accept the long distance love.

  16. We have to remember our love for them when they’re reaching for the skies! – what a message! Just as Sneha asks of Samar, this reminder will sustain them no matter the distance 💕

  17. Love is all about letting go of the conflicting emotions that comes as a baggage. Couples who understand the silence are able to sail through else relationships break.

  18. Having a partner who supports you in your growth is a blessing and you have shown that very nicely here. Sometimes it is difficult to stay away but supporting your partner is more important

  19. Love is also about taking the right decisions for your partner even though they can be hard. I hope Samar takes it in the right spirit. The story ends at a cliffhanger and I hope you write a sequel to it.

  20. The end would so open to interpretation. She wants out from the relationship or she wants to further her career, she probably needs space to think it out as well. I think love means letting go and letting be.

  21. The open ended “Let me go dear” words are really creating curiosity. It’s not the on-sight project request but also a commitment request, freedom request and oviously loyalty check request for both of them . Loved the way you finished the ending.

  22. Sweet story… with an important message. We need to be the wind beneath each other’s wings and for that it is really important to let go and hold on.

  23. Seeing Samar withdraw into himself when he’s upset resonates with me deeply. During my LDR, there were times when I would shut down emotionally, just like he does. It’s a coping mechanism, but it’s also important to open up and communicate with your partner.

    1. Indeed. It’s a coping mechanism. Kind of my own! and I agree with you that communication is the key. I think I write my stories to keep reminding myself about these things.

  24. Beautiful tale of Samar and Sneha. Often, we’re uncertain of our significance to someone else, our thoughts consumed by them constantly. I’m eager to learn the rest of their story.

  25. LDR can be tougher, with its own set of issues. It’s relatable how samar is happy for his partner but at the same time trying to figure what it means to him without disturbing their relationships equilibrium.

  26. Wow, this story is quite a rollercoaster of emotions! I could feel Samar’s struggle and the unexpected turn of events in his relationship with Sneha. It’s amazing how storytelling can make you connect with the characters on a personal level. Can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds during this challenging time.

  27. Such a beautiful relationship where they understand each other which is very less found in the lives of the people.

  28. Such a beautiful relationship where understanding between each other which is very rare these days. Beautifully written

  29. Sweet story Adi… I hope the, ‘let me go’ is not the real let me go n just the ‘I will be back after 6 months’ one. I like happy endings😛.
    I guess life keeps surprising us and we somehow have to bend and take its course. I am sure Samar will be fine. Btw, Samar is my fav male name n my protagonist in one of my love stories(older blog) is Samar☺️

  30. Love is an abstract feeling and this story pours the reader in the story and one could feel the love the couple shared. I want more out of the story.

  31. The title and the way you ended it leaving it for us to decide is interesting. Hope Samar has some sense and becomes her support instead of holding her back.

  32. Interesting story… it looked like a healthy love story, until the ending — now i wonder whether they will have a happily ever after or if you, dear author, are going to throw a twist our way!

  33. Reading about Samar’s struggle to come to terms with Sneha’s upcoming long-term assignment tugs at my heartstrings. It’s clear that their relationship is built on a foundation of love and support, but even the strongest bonds can be tested by distance and time apart.

  34. Loved the journey of emotions in this post. The initial excitement, the gradual realization, and the final solution through Sneha’s understanding are so real. It perfectly portrays the complexities of love and long-distance relationships.

  35. Hope their is a continuation, this can’t be the ending, want to know what she really meant. Sometimes open ending is good as it leaves for readers to interpret but would love to know what author is planning too

  36. The story was touching, short, and caring for each other; one selectively introverted. It is a typical way contemporary relationships get challenged and struggle to get out of the riddles. The way it has ended, double-edged, makes it remain in the reader’s mind after they have read the last line.

  37. The story was touching, short, and caring for each other; one selectively introverted. It is a typical way contemporary relationships get challenged and struggle to escape the riddles. The way it has ended, double-edged, makes it remain in the reader’s mind after they have read the last line.

    1. My initial idea was to keep the story open-ended. But looking at the comments here, I think there’s more to this story! Hope it comes our equally good.

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