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Let it flow

Every time you turn new page of your diary, is nothing but putting your day on paper without having anything from past. Always fresh start. Brand new beginning with clear slate. Its just like painting new design on spotless white canvas with colors of your choice. Whatever you have written on last page is not important for today’s start. New page of diary talks just about present, though it have stored past in old pages. In a way it teaches you when to let it go.

Also it allows you to put whatever is in your heart.
Its the place where you can come clean for your those guilts on which you can’t confess to anyone. No one is there to judge you. Its just you and your heart. It can be your secret crush, or hatred for someone. May be bit of jealousy or happy moment of the day. Your anger for someone can come in those pages or some random thought about fantasy future may venture holding your words. Key is just to let it flow like free water.

Such a relief one feels when all the emotions packed inside comes out at end of the day. That lightness, is not thing to describe, but to feel. Just grab your pen and diary, and let it flow.

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