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India in Slow Motion

Being in BBC covering India first and entire South Asia later, Mark Tully witnessed journey of free India. Mark Tully got eminent style to get details about story. He describes event so lively as if we are present there when it’s occurring. Mark got the nerve of Indian culture. Mark tries to bring very uncommon but deeply humane portrait of India with help of wide range of incidents happened in India after independence. Sometime this portrait shows humorous shades while somewhere it become very provocative, on one point it become very promising about future but immediate next it comes with setback of unfortunate present.

This book is collection of his essays focusing on very wide range of events took place in India in Mark’s days in BBC. Being in India for so long time Mark feels India as his home and cares for bright future of this country. Mark has narrated very wide range of subjects in all these essays. Right from Ayodhya issue in “The Reinvention of Rama” to child labor issue in Mirzapur carpet Industry. In other essay, he tries to put light on Sufism.

Going to the political aspects he tries to keep hopes alive by sharing CM Chandrababau Naidu’s IT revolution in “Creating Cyberabad”, on the other hand his interview with irritated Farukh Abdulla in his essay about Kashmir. Dealing with weed of corruption, Mark narrates Tehelka Case in “Corruption from Top to Tail”. While talking about innovations and dedicated work of men in Gujrat dealing with water scarcity in drought prone areas.

Even Mark being British we can find some warmth for India as he shows interest in wellbeing of this country. He has spent almost all of his youth in India covering all major events for BBC. This wide experience and wisdom is available for readers in his essays collected in form of this book.

Name of Book: India in Slow Motion

Author: Mark Tully

Publisher: Penguin India

Publication year: 2003

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0143030477

Price: ₹ 350

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