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Human rights – have we understood what it is?

Everyone in the world is talking about innocents getting killed in Gaza strip by attacks of Israel. All of a sudden there are talks about human rights from all over the globe. Indeed, war is action to be condemned. I don’t want to pick any side in ‘Israel-Palestine’ conflict but these hooting for human rights across the globe are really make me think. Have we seriously understood what the human rights are exactly? According to me human rights are the right to breathe fresh air; to drink water; to have ample of food and assured safety of life for every person on the world irrespective of his or her nationality, religion, cast, age, sex, economic status or any other criteria of discrimination.

Even there are lots of conflicts occurring currently or have occurred in very recent past I don’t know why these so called humanitarians are hooting out only about human rights of innocent dying in Gaza strip in Israel attacks. I just want to remind them about recent conflicts in Iran, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Kashmir where countless people are dying every now and then in attacks of various terrorists. Aren’t they human or aren’t they innocents?

As far as Indian scenarios are concerned every now and then there are events of bomb blasts, communal and religious riots, terrorist attacks and ceasefire violations by Pakistan taking tolls on the innocent lives of our fellow Indian citizens and defense personnel. But then none of these so called humanitarians utter a single word. There are events like Mumbai terror attack, Mumbai serial blasts, recent riots of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Even we have to put some of the conflicted police actions like beating of innocent people in Belgaum region of Karnataka. Naxal attacks on our defense convoys using IEDs and other explosives claiming lives of numerous soldiers deployed in the naxal prone areas.

These all events take toll on the lives and affects day to day work of common citizens. Aren’t these people human? Or you don’t give them these basic rights? But if some strict and strong politician or some commander of defense forces talks about some strict action against these naxalites and terrorists with use of brute force to wipe them out of our country, these humanitarians just wakes up like someone poured chilled water on their face while sleeping and start protesting about such strict actions.

I seriously don’t get these double standards used by these people who lobby for human rights of these naxelites, gangsters and terrorists. If these people carrying guns and bombs kill people then its fine to them but if we just start talking about some strict actions against such criminals they start defending them as if we going to raid these humanitarian’s houses as part of action.

Even if a lady or girl get raped or abused by any animal roaming in human disguise these humanitarians won’t see that human rights of that victim are denied to her. Her life is threatened by some rascal to satisfy his cheap desire. For so called human right activists, incident starts after arrest of accused. They think accused is so pure sole that just tried to live life to fullest, enjoyed every chance of getting ultimate pleasure, and is going to be punished by this cruel system. What a shame on human race. Who cares that victim lady or girl lives or die? This pure sole must not suffer. His human rights have to be protected.

We really need to get our definitions cleared for these human rights or else we would never be able to deal with these criminal mindsets even in future. These so called fake human right lobbyists will keep bullying our administrators and governments over actions against naxals, gangsters, criminals and we will keep losing our defense personals, lives of innocent people in riots, innocent ladies and girls will get molested every now and then under protection of such face humanitarians. We need to set some things straight at least for our own safety.

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