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Homen Borgohain: Assamese Living Legend – #BlogchatterA2Z

Homen BorgohainWhen I wrote about George Saunders, I wrote about the choices we make every day. However, sometimes you are not satisfied with the choice. I am facing the same dilemma about the author I had chosen for letter H. No doubt Henry James is a fabulous storyteller from the transition period of realism to modernism. My mind was not able to connect with him. I was searching for new name, new figure to look up to. I summoned the services of “Uncle Google” but no satisfactory results came out. I wrapped my work for the day and head out to Crossword to window-shop with my friend. She picked up a couple of books and we were ready to head back to home. Just before we get to the counter, I met Homen Borgohain in form of a beautiful hardbound story collection and I took him home with me.


Homen is a fantastic storyteller from our own Assam. He is a writer and journalist by profession, working as a chief-editor at Assamese daily newspaper Niyomiya Barta. Homen comes from a rural area of Assam but he has a deep knowledge about urban complexities which is evident in his writing. This book is a collection of the English translations of Homen’s novellas and short stories. His son Pradipta Borgohain has translated these gems from Assamese literature into English and I am very thankful to him for this. Otherwise, how on the earth, bibliophile like me would be able to enjoy these fantastic stories from one of most beautiful lands of my country. As mentioned in the burb of the book, the stories from this collection are rooted in realism, steeped in irony and underlined with humor and pathos. Homen’s deep understanding of human psyche, relationships and society in general.


The Collected Works of Homen Borgohain Book is published by Amaryllis, New Delhi 2017. This sturdy and a lightweight hardbound book have an amazing floral painting done in watercolor designed by Seema Sethi. The font and the font size used for the book is eye-pleasing even in low lights of your bedposts, it doesn’t put excessive stress on your eyes. I am struggling to complete this post before I start reading the book. So, guys, stop wasting your time and grab your copy of this gorgeous book from a bookstore near you or you can pick it from the following link.


Hardcover: 398 pages
Publisher: Amaryllis; 1 edition (17 May 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9381506965
ISBN-13: 978-9381506967

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