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Actually, I was reluctant to talk about all these hate crimes, riots, murders and other violent events in recent past. But today I just couldn’t stop myself from penning my thoughts. There had been series of events like murders of ‘The Voice’ singers, the massacre at Orlando, USA in past month. Even in India, we every now and then read and see about such incidents. Let it be Dadri lynching case or Kairana exodus. I don’t get why there is hatred of this magnitude just because of the difference of opinions.

Every morning, if I open the newspaper, I feel it’s all painted in red. Every page of a newspaper is covered with hate stories, thefts, murders, blasts, rapes and what not. As if its mandate for them to print such negativity otherwise their print license will be revoked. Hardly one or two good news about some good deeds of people, or some updates about art and culture happening around the city pops up in some corner of the paper. These pieces of good news are shown in such a neglected way that most of the time they get passed un-noticed.

On the other hand, digital media is busy managing their TRPs by conducting controversial debates for hours shouting and pointing fingers at each other. Social media is flooded with newly appointed judges of “social media justice system” proving the accused guilty without even thinking twice. Everywhere is the battle of opinions, views, beliefs, and faiths.

Hate is one of the basic human feelings, no one can deny that. But nowadays it has grown exponentially. Sometimes I feel that it is actually a plot of some sci-fi movie where some supervillain is controlling human minds and provoking all this hatred. How can someone hate to this degree that killings and massacres can be thought as a way to deal with a situation. Just because I don’t like your way of thinking or the way you feel about something has become the cause of murder. I am clueless about from where this extreme hatred comes. It appears that violence has taken the official way of expressing one’s hatred about something. Some lunatics will keep brainwashing young minds to use them as their ladder for power.

Some years before this hatred was almost limited to vandalization of property or occasional scuffles between groups of different opinions. But nowadays’ no one talks anything other than taking the life out of human body. It is really disturbing. Most of the time its provoked by some controversial statements by influential people. Social media and digital media blows it out of proportion and it spreads like wildfire.

We all are part of this vicious circle, either a victim of hatred or haters. We just need to take a deep breath and introspect about this. Let’s just be calm and think again.

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