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Grandma’s alluring recipe

Grandma's Alluring Recipe with a sketch of an old lady

When I think about my life of almost three and half decades, I find that my grandma has a lot of influence on me. She developed all the soft skills which makes life pleasurable. She has mastered the art of cooking a perfect recipe which will entice all your senses and bring joy when you are finished with it. This is the one recipe which I find most fascinating and yet alluring at the same time. This is a perfect serving of something which you can enjoy at a table, or when you are lying awake in bed in the wee hours of night, or while lazing on a couch on a Sunday afternoon. Basically, you can just devour this at any moment of your liking. Can you guess what it could be?

It’s not what you think

I am definitely not talking about any of cake, bread or some other complicated dessert or some exotic dish from Mediterranean or European cuisine which my grandma cooked. In fact, it’s not anything related to food. I want to decode and recreate her master recipe of a perfect story. There are hundreds of best and renowned storytellers around the globe. However, for me, she is The OG storyteller. I have grown up with her stories. 

Her stories featured very common characters. If it’s written for children to read, the protagonists will be someone whom you will find playing with you on community gardens or playgrounds. Her stories for an adult audience, plot points were about the general life situation. Even though she wrote stories based on mythological characters, her stories were never fantastical or portraying anything larger than life events. Lord Krishna in her stories would be as human as you would be. And yet his deeds fascinated you.

I want to create the same magic one day

I had tried my hands on writing some stories yet I could not find her secret ingredient which makes the story exciting yet relatable. In 2021, my grandma passed on to tell the stories to the gods and demigods above. And I have lost the opportunity to get trained by her, it would have been a perfect masterclass for me. Yet I dream that one day, I will stumble upon that mystery ingredient which makes the recipe of storytelling fool-proof. I will always wait for that day, and in the meantime, will keep trying my hands to perfect this alluring recipe.

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