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Beauty in the wind

It was a picture perfect scene. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. She was standing on the beautiful quiet beach, listening to the music created by waves when they hit the drums of the shore. Waves were taking some sand away with them when they went back after washing her beautiful feet. The breeze coming from the sea was making her hair wave. The sky was lit by the pinkish-orange shade of the setting sun. She was engrossed in the bottomless vast sea, Looking deep and thoughtful.

She just sat down at one point without bothering about her favorite cotton sarong getting wet. She was possessed by the depth of the ocean in front of us. The sun almost touched the sea at the very far end of the horizon. And she got drenched in the beautiful orange light. She was lost in the beauty of sunset and ocean, and I was lost in her beautiful eyes. She had no clue about my presence around, she had not bothered to look at me since she put her feet in the water. I was there, right beside her. No words exchanged in an hour but we talked a lot.

Her mind was going towards in the peaceful nirvana from the chaotic clutter of thoughts. And her eyes were saying this all. It was entirely her idea about this trip. As soon as she put it out on that coffee date last week, I just grabbed it and we got rolling within a week. Her love for the shore and sea breeze was known but I was witnessing the depth of that love for the first time.

As the orange ball started sinking in the sea, I sensed the feeling of the longing building in eyes. As if her soulmate is going away from her. The wind came rushing towards her to give her comforting assurance about his return. Her silky hair waved to cover her changing expressions on the face, And I fell again for my girl’s beauty in the wind. This time, it’s deeper.

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