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Audiobooks – a newfound joy

If you are a bibliophile on the move, carrying a book in your backpack is the only option to quench your literary thirst. Wait what, it’s 2021, I am sorry guys, please forget the thing I mentioned. One about a book in a backpack being the only option. Today we are living in the digital age. The era when things which make us happy are at our fingertips. Music is streaming endlessly, movies are getting released on mobile applications. How the world of books will stay out of this game. Now we can enjoy books like we used to enjoy bedtime stories with audiobooks.

Where book reads itself

I got introduced to the wonders of audiobooks last year. It came as a surprise gift from one of my friends. That gift membership of Audible gave one audiobook free per month. Ohh boy! It won’t be a lie if I say I was amazed with my first ever audiobook. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was on my TBR for a very long time. It immediately popped out from the list which was on my mobile screen. I picked it as my first experience. Adjoa Andoh, the narrator, brought the world to life penned by Adichie. The way she narrated the story has completely hooked me to audiobooks.

Audible, the amazon company, has an amazing collection of English audiobooks. However, they lack a collection of Indian regional literature. This is where I got introduced to the amazing platform of Storytel. I find these platforms of Audible and Storytel India are a gift of a bibliophile on wheels. 

Nowadays, almost every book is getting published as an audiobook along with its physical and eBook versions. As of now, I have finished listening to some 10 odd books on Audible as well as Storytel. And oh boy, none of them has disappointed me. Every experience was so captivating it kept me wanting to listen to the book till it ended.

Recording my own audiobook

While enjoying the audiobooks I had thought of recording my poems and creating my own audiobook someday. However, I wasn’t expecting that dream to become reality so soon. Earlier this year, after the first wave of COVID pandemic receded and we got some freedom to get out. And I got an opportunity to record some of my poems for an audiobook. A fantastic publication house called “Prose Publication, Pune” published my first ever audiobook चिमुकली स्वप्ने (Tiny Dreams) in March this year. Recording session was a very unique experience. That hour in a small air conditioned recording room was magical. You can enjoy my poetry on Storytel, and don’t forget to tell me how you like it.

Cover of चिमुकली स्वप्ने (Tiny Dreams)

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