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Making friends with Alexa, again!

alexa2019Everybody wants to be in the top brass of their community! It’s always pride and joy to be at that position. As a blogger, we strive to improve our rankings all the time. Alexa rankings are best amongst all. Yes, It’s that time of year when our Blogchatter community, celebrates our common joy of writing and sharing our feelings and views about various aspects of life and help each other to improve your rankings in the complex web of Alexa ranking systems. Do you blog? If yes, you joined yet? If no, I insist, come join us in this campaign… How? Head to the link here and be a part of this festival of reading and writing.

For the entire campaign, you just need to write a minimum 8 posts spread over a month and unlike April A to Z, you don’t need to stick to one particular theme. The only thing you religiously have to follow is to complete your daily reading list. Even though you can catch-up on some pending reads, but I would recommend to finish it off on the same day. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary pressure. So, I urge you to join us in this campaign if you haven’t done already. Registration ends on 26th of August.

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Last year, I achieved a satisfactory ranks with my Marathi poetry. Community support has made its impact and I received amazing feedback on my poems from various fellow bloggers and readers. I did manage to get my rank improved from 2.86M to 1.3M. To tell you frankly, I wasn’t expecting this kind of improvement as most of my content is in Marathi and there are not much of a Marathi reader out there in the community as it is very diverse and thriving cosmopolitan community. But a suggestion from a good friend to upload audio clip of my poetry recitals and giving a brief idea of poem in English has helped me a lot in last year’s campaign.

The most important thing which I learnt from Alexa campaign is a consistency. If you are not a consistent blogger, you may lose your hard earned ranking vary rapidly. I have lost my rank completely. Alexa says there’s not enough information about Adi’s Journal to rank. So even after the month of September is over, just make sure you don’t cut slacks and get lazy. Don’t lose the focus and stay on track. Alexa will be there by your side.

Alexa rank.PNG
Alexa Rank trend of Adi’s Journal

This year, I am excited to be on this journey of enriching blogging experience. Hope you all will enjoy my musings and let me know about your views on the same. 

See you soon on this journey… 

Currently, Adi’s Journal has no Alexa rank. I am trying my best to improve the rank significantly. Hope I will achieve some success at the end of this journey, and you all will enjoy my writings along the way.

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6 thoughts on “Making friends with Alexa, again!

  1. Alexa is my favorite blogging campaign, with manageable readings and writing the month long challenge helps drop Alexa rank too. It has almost everything a blogger want- writing, reading, ranks, readers, views, comments everything. All the best for this year

  2. I too participated this year and noticing the visible changes with this challenge in my alexa ranking. Few tips from this blog post would definitely help me as well so I have saved the post.

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