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Alexa: Once Again, The Journey Begins

This year marks the fourth year of my association with this amazing campaign called “My Friend Alexa” started and run by a thriving, buzzing community of Blogchatter. My Friend Alexa is a very unique blogging campaign where creating your own blog takes a back seat in a way and you appreciate and enjoy what your fellow creators have put out. It truly celebrates creativity. When one receives the love of your readers, viewers in the form of comments and shares, it boosts the confidence of the creator 10 fold.

Who’s this Alexa?

Blog or any page on this massive world wide web is ranked on various aspects like traffic, content authority, etc. There are many indicators to look out for. But,  Alexa Traffic Rank is one notorious indicator to get hold of and be consistently good with it. I won’t bore you with how techie details about how rank works and all. (To be honest with you, I also don’t know exactly how it works. 😉) It ranks your blog/website based on the traffic and engagement you get on it. Any guesses who must be acing it? Yes, OBVIOUSLY it’s Google. (See, how tough the competition is?) Google is proud owner of Alexa #1.

My journey in campaign

From my experience of past four campaigns, the only thing I can tell you confidently is, “Consistency is the only key to be on top of the game”. If you want to keep your rank following the downward trend, you have to keep investing yourself. You should consistently create and keep engaging with your community.

In 2018, I wrote 8 Marathi poems and recited it for my readers while in 2019, I logged in the thoughts triggered by a particular incident / line in the book I was reading and for last year, my idea was to bring gems from Marathi literature for everyone to enjoy. 

I could only complete the campaign of 2018. For the next 2 campaigns, the only thing I was consistent about was being inconsistent with it. This year I am totally committed to completing this one and continuing the momentum in future too. So, see you around. Hope you will enjoy my works.

I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa.

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29 thoughts on “Alexa: Once Again, The Journey Begins

  1. Loved reading your past Myfriendalexa experiences. I agree consistency and engagement are important factors to maintain your alexa rank. Looking forward to read your posts. #theblissfulaurareads

  2. This year, Alexa has been very strange for me. My rank actually went up once MyFriendAlexa started. There is no movement at all in the International rank as well. What am I doing wrong? All the best to you and may your ranking keep dropping.

  3. This is my third year and has been an amazing journey. However, I felt this year the participation is quite low. Also, many are not active on blog or have not renewed their blogs.

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