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Alexa 2018 kick offGuys, September is around the corner, and it’s time for “My Friend Alexa”. For those who have no clue who this Alexa is, let me introduce you to Alexa, it is one awesome ranking algorithm which helps you to rank your website based on the traffic and the source and nature of that traffic. There are few more parameters like a source of that traffic, bounce rate, etc. “Google baba” is numero uno. So, closer you get to 1, better is your website rank. It’s that time of the year when everyone in the Blogchatter community starts looking up for the Alexa rankings of our blogs. This year will be my second year to be a part of this campaign with our fantastic and enthusiastic folks of Blogchatter.

Last year’s campaign was a success for me. I had no clue what this Alexa ranking is before this campaign. In Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa, reading and engaging with your fellow blogger’s work takes the upper edge to you creating and posting your content. As against the April A to Z, where you post a daily content, My Friend Alexa is very less demanding on the creative side. Here you need to post only twice a week. Just 8 posts in a month. So last year I started up with an Alexa rank of around 7.5M. Thanks to lovely folks of Blogchatter, I was able to drop it by almost 3 to 3.5M and with the consistent uploads and love you all readers, my rank kept on improving till the end of this years ‘April A to Z’. As soon as that dredging challenge got over, I reached the bottom of my creative juices. I managed to create only 8-10 pieces in this period which I was saving up for this Alexa campaign.

I checked my rank last week and I was struck with horrifying shock. I had lost my rank. My blog has so less traffic as I was inactive from my side, Alexa couldn’t even rank me at all. Today, it’s ranging in some 19M, thanks to you guys as you showed the same enthusiasm to my latest post even after such a long gap. This year, I would like to take you on the tour showing beauty and sweetness of Marathi language through my poetry and prose. Wait, wait, wait… Non-Marathi fellows don’t leave yaar. I will add the translation and the meaning of my work just for you guys. To make things more exciting and special for you, I have something special on my mind so that you can enjoy the Marathi language more. But let’s keep it a surprise for now. Wait and watch guys, wait and watch. See you soon!

P. S. – If you have not registered for My Friend Alexa yet? What are you waiting for, registrations are open. Come on join in…


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