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What’s for BlogchatterA2Z? – Theme Reveal Post

April is that time of the year when your skill of consistent writing is put to the test. It’s time for the April A2Z campaign hosted by Blogchatter. 2022 is my fourth year after my successful stint in April 2021. Last year’s campaign was a boon for me. It gave me my first eBook Incredible India Bucket List, which is available on Blogchatter bookshelf for you all to read. This post is to tell you the theme I chose for the campaign of 2022.

Marrying passion with profession for theme for 2022

I have been working at the Centre for Development Studies and Activities, Pune for the past 7 and half years. We work in the development planning sector with sustainability as our core value. I work as a mapmaker in our institute. I enjoy every bit of my work as a map maker. We have prepared some interesting maps working with the urban data in the past 3-4 years of our Quantified Cities Movement. Through year’s theme, I am trying to create a “Pocketbook for Map-reader” during Blogchatter A2Z. Hope you will enjoy reading the maps by the end of April 2022 and who knows, start using some in your own work.

Adi’s Journal A2Z theme

Pocketbook of Map-reader

I will take you all on a journey of map-reading. I will explain the basics of map reading, talk about various types of map we make. How the maps evolved over the time with some fun facts about map making. Rest assure, A2Z posts are going to be a fun read. I won’t bore you with technical details!

I wish you all a great month of blogging ahead. Also, I am excited to read what you guys will be creating. Hope you will enjoy this series and shower your love on this too, just like the last year.

Blogchatter A2Z Calendar

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z.

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  1. What a wonderful theme Aditya! I knew about your work in sustainability but not that you were a map maker. Sounds super cool. All the best for A2Z 🙂

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