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Another journey begins…

When I registered for this year’s April A to Z, I was excited to embark on this journey. I was actively trying to work out some kind of theme for these 26 posts. But life happened. Since registration, till today I couldn’t manage to pull any theme out of my hat. And today, I am writing this one sitting in my room in one of the Alibaug resorts.

The day started with a long six hour drive from Nashik to Alibaug. The drive was pleasant in general if we ignored  a bit of boring Mumbai region traffic.

Evening turned out to be adventurous. It showed me a mirror as a climb of 5000 ft to Kanakeshwar temple got the better of me. I could climb only about 4000 ft before my fitness reached its limit. I feel awful looking at my current fitness level. I am mentioning this so that  it will act as a social commitment for my own improvement.

However, this doesn’t mean those 4000 ft were not worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the climb. Here are a few of the glimpses from the adventure.

There’s one more thing which I am doing for the first time. This blogpost is written using a Jetpack mobile application for WordPress. So far, the experience is good. Maybe, “Mobile Blogging” could be the theme for this year’s A2Z. Let me know in the comment if this is a good idea or what!

See you tomorrow. Till then, happy blogging.

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z.

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