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Timeless Treasures – Book Review

India now boasts itself as an IT hub of the world. However, when I was growing up it was a different situation. The book turned page as the name Infosys emerged on the horizon of the “tech” field of India. At the beginning of the new millennium, it had grown to a leading company in the IT world where every IT enthusiast aspired to work at. I remember my engineering days where my fellow students kept looking towards Infy to come for campus interviews. Their Mysore training campus was something they used to lookout for. It had a big clout back then. I am sure that it still carries the same one.

Why am I remembering all this?

The reason behind all these memories, I recently came across one fabulous short book set in the Infosys Mysore campus. Timeless Treasure by Padmini Chilappagari is a tale of three college friends who got placed in Infosys through campus placement. The story shows us the glimpses of the famous five-star training campus of Infosys Mysore and all the fun it has. 

This autobiographical novel is very crisp and short. Padmini entices us with just enough pinch of love and romance and keeps us glued to the screen till we finish the book from cover to cover. I managed to get this one through in just a couple of hours. She has managed to keep it so simple and real that you can’t even guess which part is her real experience and what she has imagined for the story. It won’t surprise me if  we see her novels on the shelves of stores with some amazing publisher’s tag soon!

Book Blurb:

“Priya, Myra, and Arjun are three college friends who are hired by the IT giant, Infosys Ltd. For all the college hires of Infosys, it is mandatory to be trained at the Mysore campus for a few months before posted to a job location. Thus, the trio end up on the amazing campus which spans over 350 acres. Read on as the three friends experience good days, bad days and discover life like never before.”

About Author:

A software engineer with a passion for reading, writing and blogging, Padmini has grown up reading books. She is inseparable from them. Writing comes as her second love only after reading. She writes to express herself and set her soul free. 

Timeless Treasures by Padmini Chilappagari

My rating ★★★★✰ (just one star less from whole five only because it is too short!)

You can get your copy here. It’s FREE!!!

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