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An Extreme Love of Coffee: a gripping story for every coffee lover

Coffee is my choice of drink any time any day. If you have been following my socials, you would have already know about this. When i stumbled on the book titled “An Extreme Love of Coffee”, it was impossible for me to pass on without putting it in my cart before checking out. Harish Bhat, a corporate bigwig, managing brands for iconic TATA group has turned towards this new aspect of writing. He has already a few non-fiction books under his belt but this one is his first novel. I was kind of nerves to pick it up at first place, but my extreme love of coffee compelled me to go ahead.

And I am very happy to admit that it was not a mistake. On the other hand, it was quite the opposite of it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

What to expect from this?

First of all there is a lot of coffee in this one. May be you will be high on caffeine by the time you reach at the end of this journey. Boy, what a journey it was! Story takes you to places. You will travel to very picturesque locations of South India accompanying a couple, a friendly ghost sprinkled with some magical realism and lots of stories about variety of coffees and their origins. There’s a thrilling Japanese connection to the story as a bonus.

Cover design is very apt for the story which it binds. Narrative and storytelling in this book will never let you believe that this is Harish’s first novel. It comes as a surprise for a reader considering a corporate background of the writer. I simply enjoyed the every page of this story. It has everything which I like, coffee, travel, and a love story!

From the blurb

When they drink a cup of ‘magic’ coffee, Rahul and Neha are entrusted with a quest that promises to lead to great treasure. As they race from the plantations of Coorg to Japanese graveyards, they are trailed by the Yamamoto brothers-bearing grudges and carrying swords.
Accompanied by a friendly ghost and armed with an extreme love of coffee, Rahul and Neha discover their passion for warm frothy concoctions and each other.
But will they manage to evade their Japanese assailants and find the treasure they first set out for?

About the book

  • Book Name: An Extreme Love of Coffee
  • Publisher: Penguin eBury Press
  • Published on: 15th October 2019
  • ISBN 10: 0143449117
  • ISBN 13: 978-0143449119
  • Length: 224 pages
  • MRP: ₹ 296.00

My Rating

Story: 4.5/5
Cover Design: 5/5
Writing Style: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Where to get your copy

Should you read it?

If you are looking for an extreme love for coffee, some magical realism and amazing travel stories…. That is the book you should pick up and just dive in. Sadly I had some other tasks to get done with, otherwise, I would have finished reading this book cover to cover in one sitting..

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4 thoughts on “An Extreme Love of Coffee: a gripping story for every coffee lover

  1. Coffee, travel, and a love story! Ah, perfect… Thank you for finding this treasure. Sounds interesting. Now, with so much discussion about coffee, I am going to have my dose of caffeine!

  2. Coffee, travel, and a love story! Well, sounds perfect. Thank you for finding this treasure. With so much discussion about coffee, now I am going to get my dose of caffeine!!!!

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