Lost to Past

Tea wall from Tea Trails

#गतकालाच्याखुणा… पुण्यात अशा अनेक जागा ज्या जागांवर काही आठवणी गोळा केल्या होत्या. पण आता तिथे पुन्हा कधीच जाता येणार नाही. या जागा काळाच्या पडद्या आड गेल्या आहेत. त्यातलीच ही एक जागा. लॉ कॉलेज रस्त्यावरचे ‘टी ट्रेल्स’ कॅफे. #पुणे #कॅफे #cafe

There are many places in Pune where I gathered pearls of memory. But, now I can never re-visit these places. They are lost to the past. This is one of such places ‘Tea Trails’ cafe on Law College Road, #Pune. #memorylane #LosttoPast #AdisJournalEntry
It was a very random plan to meet a friend for a conversation over a coffee or something after her day at clinic. I have never visited this place as tea is not my choice of drink. My friend chose the place as it was her frequent place to relax and write. While I was busy admiring and photographing this wall, barista (is this the right title for tea maker?) behind the counter, presented the box of tea flavours to chose from. My friend, well-known homeopathic psychiatrist, suggested a Kashmiri kahwa here was a perfect note to end the day which was particularly busy and hectic, and indeed it worked wonder. I thank her for introducing the place and Kahwa to me. Sadly, time turned and Tea Trails, Law College Road is gone. Memories still linger around.
Adi’s Journal

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