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Creative human needs inspiration, a muse to have that initial spark of creativity. Sometimes, it appears in the form of rains, gorgeous countryside, mountains or sometimes, sheer beauty of beloved stirs strong emotions compelling the creator to write in her praise. However, it’s never that easy process to undergo the laboring pain of this creative birth if you are hit by a creative block. Recently, I had hit the major creative block after an initial spirited burst of video creativity of my YouTube Channel – Adi’s Journal. I lost my progress and improvement of my Alexa rank as well as other SEO rankings due to this slump and disengagement from my blog.

Adi’S Journal got no ranking 😢. it’s time to change that… Alexa, here I come.

It’s time to take a step towards better blogging. Fortunately it’s time for a new season of “My Friend Alexa” campaign initiated by our blogger community called Blogchatter. It will run through the month of October and I hope it will motivate me and get those creative juices flowing again to continue my blogging journey without a break. So, keep an eye out for the #AdisJournalEntry to read my posts in the upcoming campaign. The motto of My Friend Alexa is “Growing Together”. As much as it’s about being consistent in creating it’s also about enjoying the creations of fellow creators. I will be sharing various posts by my fellow creators on my Twitter handle @AdisJournal, where you can find them under #WhatAdiReads. Hope you will also enjoy this journey with us. See you soon with the first entry of My Friend Alexa…

I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa. I have no rank to boast for now, but soon it’s changing. You can find my old posts from the 2019 campaign here. I would like to thank Blogchatter for the support you guys extend to us.



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3 thoughts on “Just start over…

  1. All the best… keep track of the changes in your alexa score on a daily basis. I think you’ll find an amazing improvement by the end of the month.

  2. My Friend Alexa is indeed a beautifully designed campaign which not only drives traffic to your blog, boost the Alexa ranking but a great tool to find like minded people. Wish you all the best

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