I am Sherlocked

Elementary Watson, Elementary. The very catchphrase of Sherlock when it comes to his methods of deductions. But I have to credit my fascination for the 221B Baker Street to the creator of भा रा भागवत (B R Bhagwat), creator of amazing character of Faster Fene. He had done a great job of bringing this legend... Continue Reading →

Ruskin’s Rusty

Ever since I took my first dive in English literature, Ruskin Bond has been my one of the favorite author. His stories have fascinated me since my first read. I don’t know how many times I have reread them. But for some reason, Ruskin’s Rusty always have dodged me. It’s not the case that I... Continue Reading →

Playback Queen – Asha Bhosle

I am sure, there won't be a single soul in India who doesn’t know the name of this playback queen. Asha Tai is ruling our minds ever since she recorded her first song. Record keepers must be tired of keeping the record of the sheer number of her songs. List of the languages in which... Continue Reading →

My prism

I had lost my precious prism, which, from a temple, I had stolen. Since then, Butterflies from my eyes flew off and they are gone, Dousing the sparkle on dewdrops that once brightly shone Now grass is just green and sky is a blue shallow, And my fellow humans had lost their rainbow glow. Yesterday,... Continue Reading →

O. P. Nayyar – Creator of melodies

'FM 101.4आकाशवाणीचे हे नाशिक केंद्र आहे, रात्रीचे ठीक ९-३० वाजलेत, थोड्याच वेळात प्रसारित करीत आहोत हिंदी चित्रपट गीतांचा कार्यक्रम.’ (FM 101.4, this is Nasik station of All India Radio, we  will broadcast program of Hindi film music shortly) When I was around 6-7 years, I used to keep track of time for this announcement. Recently... Continue Reading →

Starting a new

It has been days for me turning that page. I put the full stop on our relationship. You know how difficult it is to move on and starting a new life. When there is no further page to turn, you have to accept the end. We had such a good time together. But alas, the... Continue Reading →

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