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Best time in life

Hii friends, Once again I am here to share some good time of my life. Great time I spent. Some days before I was at the same place where I got my live; of coarse my life friends. But this time I was not alone. My love; my life was with me. We go there just to recollect the excitement and joy of that most memorable day of our life.
There was lot of time for world to awake. None of signs of sunrise were within miles of that seashore. Sea was only the person who was daring to break the deep silence by hitting his waves. And we two were just calm and quiet. We were walking on the wet sand of sea shore leaving our small footprints over long seashore knowing that they have no future. Next wave is going to take them with her. Our hands came together and started their talks which were full of love. But still we were quiet and enjoying the wave sounds.
Wind breeze which was trying to make us close at our first meeting; now was eager to separate us. Every now and then she was trying to pass through us like naughty little kitties. But unknowingly to breeze herself, she was putting us more closer. How? That also I should tell? Ok.. That dumb breeze forgot that she is chill. Her chills were sending shocks through our bodies and we were coming more closer on each shock.
After long, long, long walk; I mean many to and fros on wet sand with great silence; we sat on same rock where I dared to propose her. Our hands were still together and having their lovely talks. Along with talking hands and silent we, one more couple gather there; my shoulder and her head. But they chose to remain silent like us.
Both of us were watching the horizon and watching for other to break the ice. How many minutes passed by us; staring at us that we really don’t know. We were just feeling the beauty of masterpiece created by greatest artist in the world; the nature.
Slowly colors started to change at horizon and new joy was started to flow through nature. And at the same instance we both came and broke the ice with exactly the same words. The most beautiful words in world; ” I love you.”
As soon as she came to know that we caught same moment for same words; blush took over all the expressions on her face. Let me tell you friends; she look most beautiful whenever she blush. I just couldn’t control friends, I just couldn’t control myself and I kissed her on her forehead. After that both of us kept praising each other. And suddenly words came taking my voice; ” Love; you are my life. Don’t leave me; please never go away from me. Without you I will be like body without soul.” On this she replied only “Hmmmmmmm………”; with churning her nose on my chest and hugging me tightly.
And again we headed to silence. Now there was only sound of sea waves hitting shore. They were making sound like our ancestors blessings us for our happy life saying “stay as you are whole life………..”

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