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As man and wife

I was at the venue, it was all decorated beautifully, just like it should be decorated for some royal celebrations. My eyes were searching through crowd for her, all dressed like the princess in some beautiful saree, dolled up with nominal yet elegant make-up, some nice hair style done by expert stylist. But my eyes failed to catch a glimpse of her. 

I was waiting for her to come walking down the trail at the center of lawn for the most amazing moment of her life. My heart was beating with happiness for her. My best friend was getting married with her soul mate. He was already there, at the center of lawn, looking more handsome and charming on that day. Restlessly looking up the trail every now and then. Eagerness was very evident on his face to see her in the bride’s attire.

And there she comes, sitting in a ‘doli‘ picked up on shoulders by all of her brothers, descending on the trail laid to the center of lawn, getting blessed by her beloved family and friends with the shower of rose petals. She just looked down and smiled for herself to embrace that excitement. As she approached the center, she lifted her face and it glowed when her eyes set on him, his smile made her blush a bit. But she was feeling excitedly content at that moment. Her bothers made her get down on the stage and uncle took her in front of him, holding by hand. 

Their eyes met for seconds and ‘Antarpat‘ was drawn between them. Priest started the chanting and people gathered for their special day blessed them with their blessings. As soon as chanting stopped, Shenai played the happy tunes, ‘Antarpat‘ fell down and this time they looked in each other’s’ eyes as man and wife.

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