So Kul: Her lookout about life

It was on my to - read list for long time. Finally I just finished this. Every thing is so short but still complete in itself. Sonali portrays her point of view about various things in life. Somewhere she appreciates work of good people. In other she shows her anger about abuse that women need to face in public... Continue Reading →

India in Slow Motion

Being in BBC covering India first and entire South Asia later, Mark Tully witnessed journey of free India. Mark Tully got eminent style to get details about story. He describes event so lively as if we are present there when it’s occurring. Mark got the nerve of Indian culture. Mark tries to bring very uncommon... Continue Reading →

Raavi Paar

Stories are most close to everyone in this world; whether he is in America or India, Rich or poor. Stories don’t divide people. Since childhood stories keep walking with you. The way they are told that you feel yourself at center of it. Till the end of story you are so involved that you smiles... Continue Reading →

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