Ruskin’s Rusty

Ever since I took my first dive in English literature, Ruskin Bond has been my one of the favorite author. His stories have fascinated me since my first read. I don’t know how many times I have reread them. But for some reason, Ruskin’s Rusty always have dodged me. It’s not the case that I didn’t get a chance to buy it before or it was out of print. When your bestie is with you and you both are very crazy about books, some things just click. I know one should not judge a book by its cover but guys, this edition of “The room on the roof” is so irresistible with a fabulous watercolor cover which you can’t just ignore and move on. We both bought it. That day, I changed my topic for ‘R’ of this A to Z challenge. It can’t be anything other than “Ruskin’s Rusty”

Just like any other Ruskin Bond book, it doesn’t let you leave the book without finishing the story. Or should I say, just like this book his all other stories hold you until you finish the reading? This is the first book Ruskin ever wrote. My copy being the special edition for the 60th anniversary of this award-winning book. It comes with a bonus of introduction by Tom Alter, and Ruskin’s special preface telling us the story covering the time past 60 years of this book. Eye catching water-color illustrations by Gunjan Ahlawat comes with the classic words of Ruskin as the special feature of this special edition.

As this is the first novel in the Rusty series, It introduces us to an Anglo-Indian boy from his late teens living his unhappy life with his stern guardian, who elopes the house of his guardian to live among his friends from the town of Dehra. It is fascinating to read how life can take turns so dramatically without giving any signs for the same. One fine day, Rusty is with his friends enjoying the hustle of bazaar, enjoying baths on the common tank in the town, eating chaats with his buddies, and then one by one, his well-wisher walk on different paths of their lives. To know what happens when lonely Rusty takes decision to leave Dehra for England, you better grab your copy. I am sure you won’t leave it until you get the answer of this question.

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I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 18 challenge. “R is about Ruskin’s Rusty”


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Shogun: Race to be the Supreme…

I just finished the third book of 2017, and I know its long way to go and reach the goal of 100 books. James Clavell had done a great job of keeping me bound to his first novel of the Asian Saga “Shogun” and not picking up some smaller book. Shogun is set in Japan of 1600. It’s huge book to finish it in a week or so, At-least for me. But it took me on such an amazing historical journey of the feudal systems of Japan.

Shogun is the story of first British naval pilot Blackthorne, who is able to reach Japanese shores. It takes us on his journey of getting sucked up in the race for power in feudal lords; Daimyōs; of Japan. European conflict between Anglo-Dutch and Spaniards-Portuguese lobbies also keep influencing the storyline as the arrival of Blackthorne threatens the existing setups of Portuguese-Spanish establishments and their trade lines with Asia. The book is full of plot surprises as everybody knows politics and race for power are never straight forward businesses.

He had managed to weave the triangular conflict between Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists terrifically in the plot of the novel. Many times, characters face the dilemma about putting faith or liege lord at first place.

He manages to make us travel all the distances, across the country, by sea, by road, through mountains, makes us stay at the huge castle. As the story starts inching towards the climax, it’s almost abrupt ending. If we consider the whole excitement he had built up for the climax, it just drops you down from the cliff and our historical journey ends with a sudden halt.

I would give the rating of 3.5/5. He looses 1.5 just because of this abrupt climax but the book is really classic read. Please do read it. You can grab your copy from following

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माँटुकले दिवस : छोट्या – मोठ्याची निखळ मैत्री

IMG_20150704_112236कित्येक वेळा म्हटलं जातं आयुष्य आनंदात जगायचं असेल तर आपल्यातलं लहान मुल कायम जाग ठेवावं. पण रोजच्या ऑफिसच्या कटकटी, कामाचे ताणताणाव, आजूबाजूला घडणाऱ्या, मनाला त्रासदायक अशा गोष्टी, या साऱ्या रामरगाड्यात ते बिचारं लहान मुल कुठे हरवून जातं कळतच नाही. पण आजूबाजूला कोणी छोटा दोस्त मिळाला तर? तर आयुष्यात किती बहार येईल हे फक्त “माँटुकले दिवस”च आपल्याला सांगू शकेल. पुस्तकाचं एकही पान न चाळता घेतलेलं हे पहिलच पुस्तक. हे नावच इतकं कमाल आहे की मला तर त्या पुस्तकाच्या शेल्फ पासून पुढे हालताच येईना. त्यात फिकट निळ्या, हिरव्या रंगत बनवलेलं सुंदर मुखपृष्ठ आणि संदेश कुलकर्णींनी लिहिलेलं आहे हे बघून तर ह्या खरेदीवर शिक्कामोर्तबच झालं.

त्या तीन साडेतीन वर्षाच्या पिटुकल्या मेंदूत काय वेगानी नवनवीन कल्पना जन्माला येत असतात. त्यातूनच त्याचे नवनवीन खेळ तयार होतात. कधी चाळीच्या जिन्याचा रेल्वेचा डबा होतो, अचानक कुठलीशी खिडकी तयार होते.

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Stories from the 40s

Some books indeed get published with that one quality which stops you putting that book down once you turned its first page. Some days back I came across one such book in Marathi. Title of the book was fascinating in itself. ” फुले आणि दगड” speaks loudly contradictions in qualities possessed by people around us. This is a collection of stories written by वि. स. खांडेकर, V. S. Khandekar who is reknowned for his remarkable novel ययाती  based on story of Yayati Devayani from Indian Mythology.

But here in this book he takes us on the journey of Maharashtrian village life in the decade of 1940s.

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Composer who can cook, write, and do many more

Its been long time for all of us to know Shantanu Moitra as renowned music composer, in Bollywood and his other non-Bollywood projects like Abke Saawan, Coke Studio, Dewarists but if you really want to get look at all the shades and colours of this multi-faceted humble human being, just go and grab your copy of his memoirs “On the wings of music”.

As we expect, memories about music is the main content of the book but the narration of those memories enlightens the shades of

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So Kul: Her lookout about life

It was on my to – read list for long time. Finally I just finished this. Every thing is so short but still complete in itself. Sonali portrays her point of view about various things in life. Somewhere she appreciates work of good people. In other she shows her anger about abuse that women need to face in public cause of taunting. She also points out some misconceptions which are making their roots in women mind for glamour, fem or being fashionable. Such small incidents in our day to day’s life, most of the time we keep making negatives out of it. Sonali tries to take them positively. No body have life so perfect, or one can not make right for things which you feel wrong. In some of occasions they just shows her pain for those events or persons.

I appreciate her work of giving details of various organizations whose work she appreciates. It really comes handy when you are inspired about someones work reading her article about it and you are keen to know more, those details makes that search very easy. She really appreciates Policemen for their  endless work, Dr. Sancheti for his work in joint replacement field. She perfectly captured joy of finding seamless beauty  around places where she visits frequently in article describing her visit to film city.

Sonali got the skill to put her views about something in short but well contented article. Its really gives insight to see things in cool way. Its really good collection of thoughts. Hope she will keep writing her blog in Loksatta, leading Marathi newspaper and we will get second book of So Kul..

Name of Book: So Kul

Author: Sonali Kulkarni

Publisher: Rajahans Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Publication year: 2009

Pages: 235

ISBN: 978-81-7434-476-2

Price: ₹ 300

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