महाराजांचे देवत्व – एक विचारमंथन

इतके देदीप्यमान कर्तुत्व असतांना तुम्हा आम्हा पामराला त्याजागी देवत्व दिसले नाही तरच नवल आहे. पण आपण कटाक्षाने ते देवत्व या महामानवाला देणे टाळले पाहिजे. महाराजानाचा पराक्रम जर आपण त्यांना मानव ठेवूनच बघितला तर तो अधिक भव्यदिव्य आणि उदात्त वाटत नाही का?

Looking forward to 2018

2017 was a good year for me on both the fronts, the work and the creative. Would you like to know what I am planning for my 2018? No no these are not resolutions, they get broken in a week. You can say these are just checkpoints or guidelines. Come have a look...

Y is YouTube

Around 15 years ago, if someone told you about sharing video over the internet you would have had a good laugh about the idea. But three guys from PayPal dreamed about this and first ever video sharing platform of internet era was launched. In 2005, the launch of YouTube hit the world and opened a big avenue... Continue Reading →

E(x)press yourself

It's very regular day, you get out of your house for your daily routine for the first time. Maybe for a quick run or cycle ride. Maybe you are out on the way to your office. You come across "official" graffiti on the walls of public facilities as an official promotion as an artwork. Sometimes, preaching some social message... Continue Reading →

Writer’s block

When you feel that urge to write something but you just can't put those thoughts to the paper, you are hit by Writer's block. But don't worry. This too shall pass!!!

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