Y is YouTube

YouTube_logo_2015.svgAround 15 years ago, if someone told you about sharing video over the internet you would have had a good laugh about the idea. But three guys from PayPal dreamed about this and first ever video sharing platform of internet era was launched. In 2005, the launch of YouTube hit the world and opened a big avenue of expressing the thoughts in form of videos. YouTube spread rapidly amongst youngsters and some bloggers upgraded themselves as vloggers. 

Books, Fashion, Food, Self-help, Comedy, Art, DIY… you name it and YouTube will find hundreds of videos on that subject. A lot of independent creators have come forward and started their own channel. Now you don’t need big production house to create your film. Even your phone camera can do the trick.

Now in 2017, I doubt there is hardly any urban youth in India who haven’t subscribed to at least 10 YouTube channels. High-speed internet connectivity is not an issue anymore in India with 3G network connectivity. Even 4G is spreading its network rapidly. This has given a big foothold for YouTube community in India. I personally have subscribed around 60 channels who are creating amazing contents on so many diverse topics from around the globe. YouTube has made it possible to see what guy or girl from another part of the world.

Let me tell you about my favorite YouTubers from my following list.

Arriel Bissett A booktuber from Canada who is equally crazy about the books like me…

Casey Neistat is a New Yorker filmmaker who is most consistent in daily vlogging. This guy had set a bar very high for all those daily vloggers.

Savan Dutta, Bengali Singer, composer and songwriter who has music blog named The Metronome

Shankar Tucker is a clarinetist and composer who has worked with so many artists around the globe. Do check out his videos for amazing songs.

Nerd writer is the channel for you if you like to enjoy the word plays or orations and rhetorics are your things. He simply breaks down the speeches, dialogues, and movie scenes to the level where you feel it all ‘elementary’

Prajakta Koli will never fail you if you are looking for the funny side of your daily lives with her channel Mostly Sane.

Maati Baani is a musical duo of Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah creating and spreading music amongst all with collaborating with artists from every corner of the globe.

Are you a foodie? then Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube is the perfect place for you. What did you say? you would love some drinks with the food? Here you go guys, Jaime’s DrinksTube serves you amazing mocktails, cocktails and other drinks to quench your thirst.

Hey, girls, interested in some fashion tips and styles? Sejal Kumar from Delhi will tell you all. Her travel vlogs are also very interesting.

Guys, you want the full package of fashion, books, tv, movies and music favorites every month? then go check out Manchester girl Hannah Witton‘s monthly favorite.

Hope you like their work… Don’t forget to add your favorite YouTubers in comment bellow. 😉


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 25 challenge. Y is for “YouTube. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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E(x)press yourself

Image credit to Mina’s blog

It’s very regular day, you get out of your house for your daily routine for the first time. Maybe for a quick run or cycle ride. Maybe you are out on the way to your office. You come across “official” graffiti on the walls of public facilities as an official promotion as an artwork. Sometimes, preaching some social message or just some casual artwork. But in ancient Greece, when commoners didn’t have any choice to raise their voice to the elites who had all the powers to decide the futures of commoners. Graffiti came to their rescue as a medium to put out the social concerns and political rhetorics on behalf of commoners.


I think even before entering any kind of formal social structures during the evolution of humanity, we always felt the need to express ourselves. We expressed with various pictograms, we painted the walls of caves narrating stories of our daily life of a hunter-gatherer. Slowly with the evolution of society, our interactions increased and we started having dialogues. Exchanging the thoughts amongst each other, we started to create more detailed paintings describing our social activities like festival celebrations, social dances, feasts.

As we discovered our ability to speak, we quickly developed our languages and soon we got so many ways to express ourselves. We started telling stories, songs got created. We can’t even count the number of books even from a single language which is known today. We express through paintings, sculptures, dance and facial expressions. We have developed so many art forms just to satisfy our urge to express.

Still many of us lack the ability to express their thoughts in public so they turn to the diaries, journals. Those journals are their den. There are so many introverts in this world who keep expressing their thoughts for the audience in their cocoon. Sadly, many thoughts are just suppressed inside with tight lid on them. Some thoughts are not socially acceptable. For example, here in India, we have big no-no for social or public mentions of intimacies. Everyone is ready to gossip. It’s a guilty pleasure. Nobody wants to accept it publicly. This social pressure tries to put many such thoughts suppressed within. “लोग क्या कहेंगे” is the biggest worry for us Indians.

The Sad part of the story is some people couldn’t find the safety valves for their trapped emotions, thoughts and the urge to express is killed accumulating tremendous pressure within. If the consciences are strong for the person, he or she will rebel against the social norms and create something constructive with that pressure. But in many cases, this pressure cripples the person and the vicious cycle of depression starts.

The urge of expression is the soul of life and when this urge starts dying because of depression, one looses the soul. That soulless body will live the life till nature ends it or he or she takes the final step. Let’s try to help these souls, let’s take a step ahead and be more open to all thoughts. There is no harm in listening to someone. No harm in reading a book which has been created with so much effort. So just keep doing guys, express yourselves, you will be heard.


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Writer’s block

There’s a moment in every writer’s life when he had the urge to write. Still, he or she feels empty. There are thoughts in mind, but they are not ready to come down on paper. Maybe because they are too random to link or develop further, or they are just too fast to catch hold of one and work on it. Recently I experienced one such block. Just a couple of days ago, when it was time to write something with the letter ‘u’. I definitely wanted to write. I was not at all ready to miss a day again in A to Z Challenge again.

A representation of writer’s block by Leonid Pastemark

I struggled with that block and Came out of it. Somehow I managed to put some thoughts about our fascinating mind. Isn’t it really cool, our mind plays games with us in terms of creativity. When we have that urge to write something or develop a story around a thought, it just denies you the capacity of to think about it. It will create a blockade around that thought so that you can’t access it. I think that’s what the writer’s block is. On the other hand, when you are not at all expecting anything creative to happen, you will manage to write an amazing piece of poetry.

Many people often taunt the writers saying “There is nothing like writer’s block. It’s just you trying to be lazy.” I know there are some great writer’s who had mastered their mind and they had command over a huge volume of vocabulary. They could write wonderful stories, songs or poems effortlessly. Saadat Hasan Manto has once said, “When the fountain pen is not in my hand, I’m just Saadat Hasan. A man who knows and is able to express little. It is the pen that transforms me into Manto.” But on the other hand, if you search on the internet you will find that number of renowned authors and songwriters have undergone through this phase in their career.

I think this whole writer’s block thing is about our state of mind. Many times our mind is pretty much preoccupied with numerous processes. Work pressure, family issues or may be some quarrels with your buddies over petty issues. You name it and it will be there bothering your mind at one time or the other. When you try to create with this backdrop of mind, it has to be tough. But it takes just one spark to break free from this block and get those creative juices flowing. Considering the writer’s blocks faced by the greats from the creed, our blocks are just small rocks. Let’s not worry about them, soon the river flowing within will cut through and the passage will be clear for the emotions to be penned. So keep calm, and create!!!


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 23 challenge. W is for “Writer’s block. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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The Invincible, INS Vikrant

After lots of missed occasions, I finally bought my new bike, Bajaj V15. The fact that it is created with scraps of one of the legendary vessels of Indian Navy, INS Vikrant, the invincible aircraft carrier. Ever since her fate of scrapping was sealed by the Honorable Supreme Court, every proud Indian was sad somewhere within. INS Vikrant had played very vital role in Indo – Pak war of 1971. She was deployed in under the command of Eastern Fleet of Indian Navy to counter any possible advances by Pakistan in and around eastern region of India.


INS Vikrant missed all the action during earlier wars on the western front as she was docked in her mother port for maintenance. Even when the war clouds were gathering on the horizon, she was not battle ready. But with the resolve of making her battle ready, all guys worked hard and many trials were conducted during her voyage to eastern ports. Moral of aircrew was boosted with the conditional clearance from Naval HQ. As expected Pakistan has deployed their best counter vessel, submarine PNS Ghazi. But with some uncertain events, PNS Ghazi met her fate near Port of Vishakhapattanam, possibly with depth charges laid by INS Rajput or by crash dive forced by Rajput’s appearance.

As war broke out, INS Vikrant was deployed back in action with a target of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar harbors. Aircrafts from the carrier made numerous sorties and struck those docks sinking and destroying most of the ships and created a blockade around the ports leaving them unusable for months. In the later phase of war, aircrafts from Vikrant also targeted the cantonment area of Chittagong destroying several army barracks.


The crew of INS Vikrant exhibited bravery and gallantry in the war which earned them two Mahaveer Chakra and twelve Vir Chakra medals for their part of war. She continued to serve in later years after undergoing two major modernization refits. In January 1995, she was laid up and then formally decommissioned in 1997. Indian Navy converted it into a museum. Later in 2012, her condition was deemed as unsafe for public and museum was closed.

In 2013, the fate of INS Vikrant was sealed by the Ministry of Defence and the scrapping auctions were declared. During 2013 – 14, legal petitions were filed to avoid her fate of getting scrapped. But as if it was her fate, even Honourable Supreme Court gave nod to the scrapping. Memorial was constructed with the scrap metal of the vessel in Naval dockyard of Mumbai. Later in 2016, Bajaj unveiled their motorcycle crafted from scraps of INS Vikrant. Since then it was my dream to buy one of the bikes and be a proud owner of “The Invincible”.

Photograph from NDTV Car and Bike


Every time, I ride my bike, the insignia of INS Vikrant on the petrol tank of the bike makes me feel proud of my armed forces and especially Indian Navy for their great service to our country. I salute to all the brave officers serving our country for their courage, gallantry, and chivalry. Jay Hind!!!


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 22 challenge. “V is the invincible INS Vikrant. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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Unstoppable you

master-your-mind.jpgWhen I decided to start writing about how the mind is unstoppable, my mind decided to hit me with this very same ability. Till now, I was totally clueless about what to write for today’s theme. It’s almost end of the day. Even if, it was an extremely busy day the office, back of the mind, I was trying to think about what to write about. Everything else was boiling up in the cauldron of my mind. It even crafted an amazing story idea which surely you all will love to read. But nothing was coming along and search for the theme of letter ‘u’ just went on.

At the end, I started typing random combinations of letters like ue, ur, ui, up on google to see if something hits and an idea will buzz out. When ‘un’ came along in the most random keyword typing, ‘unstoppable’ was the second google suggestion and my buddy kicked in. Series of combinations started happening, Unstoppable car, unstoppable human, unstoppable machines, unstoppable beast, “unstoppable mind”. It ranged the bell and I felt like some wrestler who had won a tiring multi-round match. It was decided, “unstoppable mind” is what I shall be writing about.

And starting from random keyword searching to arrival at the subject, this buddy did in less than a minute. In this minute, our this lightening fast buddy read at least 4 combinations of every keyword that I put in, checked if it can come with anything and moved on. Sometimes, I get scared by the sheer speed at which mind can drift to some other topics.

Even right now, when I am typing this, my mind is also thinking about the things to be done tomorrow. Isn’t it odd it’s even thinking about what will be the theme for ‘V’? So many thoughts just keep flashing in our mind. I am sure, at least half of them must be wasted because they go unregistered. I wonder how many great stories, how many amazing songs we have lost because of this unstoppability of our mind. One really need to practice to hold on to one thought.

I am sure all the poets out there have experienced it. They come up with a couple of lines for a poem. They love them so much and wanted to elaborate and create nice poem around that thought. But at the moment they are busy and couldn’t note that though. But by the time they manage to gather some free moments and think about it, puff… It’s gone. They can get the glimpse of it partially but the exact lines? Nah, they are missing, floating out there somewhere in our mind palace. Out of our sight.

But there is also a nice part for this ability to be unstoppable. You can imagine anything and create classic fictions. We couldn’t have invented so many things which make our life easier if the minds of their inventors would have stopped at some moment before they got this idea?

Whatever I am writing here is really ranting about this ability of nonstop thinking of our mind. Like I said at the start, I was clueless and by far I have managed to write this stuff in last 15 min. Isn’t this the greatness of this genius sitting inside everyone one of us? I pray, our mind will always be UNSTOPPABLE.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 21 challenge. “Unstoppable you. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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I am Sherlocked

Sherlock Holmes in a 1904 illustration by Sidney Paget.

Elementary Watson, Elementary. The very catchphrase of Sherlock when it comes to his methods of deductions. But I have to credit my fascination for the 221B Baker Street to the creator of भा रा भागवत (B R Bhagwat), creator of amazing character of Faster Fene. He had done a great job of bringing this legend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Marathi. He had published set of 6 books of Sherlock short stories in Marathi. It used to be a great achievement to get your own entire book set for me when I was in school. You have to work hard to get that set in your hands.

After one of the hard work, I was gifted with this set which covered all the classics from hound of the Baskervilles, the adventure of spotted tie, six Napoleons, the red-headed league and much more. I still have that set of books with me. I like to visit those Marathi stories even if now I have read the original works of Sir Arthur. The Very first story of ‘A study in Scarlet’ takes you to 221B Baker Street and you rarely come out of that place ever in your life. I think this is the only work of fiction which had made such a huge impact and the property at the real address is dedicated to Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective with the blue plaque by London officials. Whenever I will visit the city of London, maybe I won’t visit the Parliament or London Bridge. Madame Tussaud’s, London will also be down on the list. But 221B Baker Street is going to be the place which will not be missed in the trip.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock and David Burke as Dr. Watson

It is very rare for me to like adaptations of books as film or TV series. But by this date, Sherlock have never failed in any form. Let it be 1984 TV series of classic cases based on work of Sir Arthur by Jeremy Brett (Sherlock) and David Burke (Dr. Watson) or modern reimaginations of classics in form of two classic films from recent years by Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock)  and Jude Law (Dr. Watson). And current TV series of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman takes it to another level by bringing Sherlock in this 21st century. Obviously, to bring HIM in this century, stories are tweaked and twisted but the essence of Sir Arthur’s work is preserved. I am all excited for its new season which will be released in 2018. Maybe for next A to Z challenge, I will write about it.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law
BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch

When I was going through web pages about this legend, I stumbled upon the treasure of old films of Sherlock stories by Basil Rathbone and a comic take on Sherlock in form of spoof short film by John Cleese. I am now on the hunt of these films so can get more dose of Sherlock in my blood.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 19 challenge. “I am Sherlocked”. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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