On the trail of silver mist

It was rainy season and I was on my monsoon solo trip just like every year. It’s been a decade, I try to explore new mountain trails in every monsoon.  This year was not an exception for it. I packed my bags and moved out. Bookings in the forest bungalow were already arranged. It’s always... Continue Reading →

#AtoZChallange – The Journey

Shrill horn was blown on time and she moved, slowly. I felt the initial jerk as her engine pulled the connected wagons. Slowly she was picking up the pace and I started looking out from the window. I started the journey to my hometown after almost one year. It was nothing but struggle since I... Continue Reading →

Together and happy

It ended up being a long Friday at work. Rakesh was frustrated as he missed his date with his wife. They have been looking eagerly forward to it and planning to make it perfect. He cursed the most important client call for this and left for home. He had not seen Kavita so disappointed even... Continue Reading →

The Gift

Yeah, you guessed it right! It is really a very special day. That's the reason behind my dressed up avatar. Otherwise, I would have been sitting with bunch of others. But, Sumit came in yesterday. His arrival was announced by the ding of the small bell attached to the door. We paused our talking and... Continue Reading →

The Sticky

It's me, The Sticky, who is the reason behind keeping the bond of love and care between Neha and Sumedh strong. They can't even greet each other on weekdays. But I do it for them on their behalf. She brought me in this Flat No. 701 of Paradise apartments some 9 - 10 months back.... Continue Reading →

Gift for my princess

Here I am, standing on the shore, holding my world by the hand. Shreya, my li’l princess. Waves are washing away the sand beneath our feet. Shreya’s smile widens with every wave bursting under her feet. She must have picked this fascination about waves from me. It’s been 4 years, she is the nucleus of... Continue Reading →

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