And the journey begins…

Hi guys, join me to read a story about a grandma and her journey to the new world. Those who have started this journey will resonate with this story and others will get some pointers for their own journey...

चणे चटपटे!!!ऽऽऽ

संध्याकाळी दिवे लागणीची वेळ होऊ लागली की “चणे चटपटे!!!ऽऽऽ” अशी हाळी ऐकू यायची आणि पाठोपाठ ‘राधिकाची माय’ डोईवर पत्र्याचा डबा घेऊन आळीच्या कोपऱ्यावरून येताना दिसायची. संध्याकाळी धुडगूस घालून आम्ही पडवीत तिची वाट बघत बसायचो. पोटात कावळे कोकलत असायचे. राधिकाची माय घेऊन यायची ते चणे चटपटे हाच काय तो आम्हा पोराटोरांना दिलासा असायचा. .... Hey guys, I have translated one of my favorite story by Ankita Singh in Marathi. Hope you will enjoy.

Zero Hour

It was around 2130 hours, Major Vikram rallied the bravo company around him to prepare for an ambush. Everyone on the team was already briefed and was aware of their role in the mission in the evening. Intel was heavy and solid this time. Group of insurgents was mobilizing in the forests on the other... Continue Reading →

Table for two

It’s 9-30 am, first Sunday of August. Hakuna Matata is a cozy little place on the busiest part of the town. It’s famous in the town for their delicious breakfasts and amazing coffee. Being early Sunday morning, streets are rather quiet. As luck would have it, it’s drizzling. Just like a year ago. Kishore is... Continue Reading →

Your move, Sir

Rakesh was sitting at the table of the title game for his Grandmaster title. The game was on, he and his opponent were confident and calm at the same time. He was all ready for this tough match. He had trained himself for such prestige matches ever since he had decided to dive in this... Continue Reading →

Let me go

Sameer was trying to get the task done. He has been struggling with this particular task since last morning. He was about to lose his calm if he couldn't crack this in next half hour. This was a really unusual thing as he was popular for figuring out the quick solutions about the task which... Continue Reading →

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